I have been married for 27 years and have three wonderful daughters. I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado and attended the University of Southern Colorado. The Vietnam war interrupted my college studies and I joined the US Navy. While in the Navy, I was a Computer Technician serving on the USS Valley Forge.

After the service I finish college and entered the work force. I spent over 30 years in the snack food business in upper management, before leaving and getting into the inspection field. My wife and I are both cancer survivors and that gives you a different outlook on life. Over the years I’ve done many things from owing a custom door and high-end finishing business in Phoenix, Arizona, to what I’m doing now. My wife, Jolene, helps with the business, but she works for T-Mobile as a construction manager.

My training, education and long experience all contribute to bring you an insightful blend of perspectives on your home inspection. You will come to learn more about the house that you are thinking of purchasing than you will with a lesser experienced, lower priced hurry up inspection that some of our competitors offer.

When I’m not inspecting homes, I like to work in my shop, read, work around the yard and play a little golf.